My Services

You’re in the right place. You’re in safe hands.

Here are the core services I offer my existing clients. If you need any these services, you can always contact me and we’ll have a discussion that’ll help me tailor a solution to meet your unique problem.

WordPress Site Development

Your website is a core aspect of your identity online. If you want to tell people about who you are or what you do, your website can go a long way in providing all the information your visitors need at a glance.
So how do you get started? What information do you need to get together to get that website up? What do you need purchase and for how much? What options are available to you? I can help with all these questions and get you started!

Site Fixes & Repairs

The Internet can be a dangerous place – for your website and your emails. If your precious assets aren’t well protected and managed, they could fall prey to attackers and malicious programmes. Your site may experience downtime, become slow or display content that isn’t yours and considered harmful or offensive.

If this happens, your website need to be cleaned and protected, before further harm is brought to your organisation’s name and even operations. Not only can I bring your website to optimal operations, I will also ensure it is protected from future attacks so you can focus on running your business.


WordPress sites are like cars, they need to be kept in top shape! They also need to be protected and maintained. This includes regular core and plugin updates, frequent backups and regular security scans and audits.

In the event of data loss or damage, a backup can be restored to bring your site back up in no time.

Related Services

I also offer other services that you might need for your business that may not really relate to websites. They include


I could show you how to work with your site’s content management system if you desire to make changes yourself

Site Audit

You already have a site and you need it optimised. I can have a good look at its setup and tell you what needs to be done to it to make it work better for you.

Conflict Resolution

You may not be happy with your current developer or host and you need help resolving problems you may have. Also, the tech lingo used by everyone is so confusing and you just need someone to better explain what’s really going on. I can help you have these problems resolved and setup you up so they never happen again.